5 Mistakes PUBG Noobs Make & And How to Avoid Them

So you just bought PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds after seeing the game played in all its harrowing glory on every mean of online entertainment since it’s released. The game can be a little overwhelming at first with the wide array of firearms, melee weapons, ammo and the works. Don’t worry! You’ll get the hang of it! We were all there when we first started playing PUBG. But, just to help you along the way, here are five mistakes that most PUBG Newbies make (and the way to avoid them).

Looting with F Key

It’s hard not to loot with the F key. I mean, it’s practically shining everytime you look at an object, asking you to hit it. Whatever you do, don’t do it. At least, don’t do it a lot. While using the F key can help when picking up a single, large item, (I personally only use it when I’m trying to loot a backpack or armor while on the run.) Instead of F, use the tab menu. While it may take a few games to get used to, you’ll realize once you get it down that looting with tab is much faster than looting with the F key. The faster looting will not only make it easier to loot dead bodies in the heat of battle, but also give you the leg up on those fights when you drop school and everyone is running at the same gun.

Going for Every Crate Drop They See

Crates are tempting. It’s understandable why you would want to go for crates, especially knowing that the game’s most powerful weapon and gear can be found in them. But truthfully, a lot of time they’re not worth the risk. A lot of groups go for crates, and it gets even worse in solos. If you’re looking for action, then going to a crate can be a good source of action. But, if you genuinely want the loot inside the crate, then you have to be extremely careful in the crates you choose. If you can, avoid the crates going towards the center of the current zone, and focus on those that are either outside of the zone, or in a place that most teams can’t get to easily (water crates, crates on cliff sides) as those will be much less populated and will be a safer journey for you.

Running Everywhere… Or Driving Everywhere

New players to PUBG seem to have the same line of thinking when it comes to getting into zone when they first begin. Either they need to stay quiet so they can survive, so they run everywhere as to not bring attention to them with a car. And then, there’s the new players who think that they need to be faster rather than stealthier, so they drive everywhere, even if it is only a small amount of time. In the end, the key to having the best games is knowing when to drive and knowing when to run, as both have their drawbacks. If you’re running you’re much easier to shoot, much easier to follow, and… much easier to run over. If you’re driving you are much easier to see, much louder, and not to mention a sitting duck if you run into anything. So, you have to find the balance that works for you. It goes without saying that if you’re in Severny and it’s a Military Base Circle you’re going to want to drive down as you’ll have trouble making it down in time without dying to zone if you’re running. But if you’re in the final zones, and the next zone is a quarter of a square from you, driving might bring too much attention to you when there’s only a few people left. While there are pluses to using both in final zones, you need to be extremely careful no matter the situation.

Proning Everytime They Get Shot At

There’s almost no words for this. The amount of times you shoot at someone and see them instantly prone is so frustrating. Not because they survive, because it’s just a waste of your time to kill them. Proning doesn’t hide you, especially if you’re in the open. It just makes you even easier to shoot. It’s so painful to see new players just prone instantly because they think it makes them invisible to see. Instead of proning, find cover. Even if it’s just barely a bump in the ground, find cover. Run to a rock, a tree, a house. Whatever is closest, run to it. Make sure you get behind cover because unlike proning it actually protects you from the onslaught of bullets coming your way. Also, make sure that you’re doing what we call “serpentine”, going in a zig-zag pattern so that it’s harder for them to just shoot at you and hit you.

Shooting at Everyone They See

I think this one is relatively self-explanatory. If you want to make it far in a PUBG match don’t shoot at everyone you see. Even if you have a suppressor, shooting at people needlessly is dangerous. Without a suppressor you’re telling everyone where you are and even if you do end up killing the enemy you’re likely to be shot in the back while looting them. If you can, avoid shooting at people that are moving at a considerable distance from you. Shoot when they stop moving and try to kill/down them before they can gain speed again. If possible, don’t shoot at people until you are within a close enough range that you shouldn’t be at risk of missing just because of the range itself. Another tip for when you eventually get to shooting at someone, there’s a very clear tell of when you picked the wrong fight. When you shoot and the person in front of you instantly jumps and swivels to look back at where he got shot from. That’s your signal to run for the hills. Because most likely this player is about to go off on you. Other than that, if you can get close to another team/player to open fire on them, you should be able to down/kill before their teammates (if there are any) can react to it.

Conclusion: I hope these tips can help you become a better playing in PUBG without having to put in a hundred hours or so before figuring them out on your own. And maybe if you’re just nearing those hundred hours this can help you improve your own gameplay as well

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