What is Counter Strike: Global Offensive Rank Boosting and is it worth it?

CS:GO rank boosting

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It is undebatable that Counter Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most competitive video games out there, but just how far will players go for a leg up on their opponents (with rank boosting)?

Originally released in 2012, CS:GO has sold over 25 million copies and boasts over a half million active users. And since the debut of the CS:GO Majors competitive tournament, thousands of players have vied for the chance to win prizes up to a million dollars. And with those stakes, it isn’t hard to see why CS:GO rank boosting is so popular.


What is rank boosting?

How much does it cost to become Global Elite?

Essentially, it is the practice of paying a significantly skilled player to either complete matches using your account, or play on your team. This allows your account to quickly advance up in rank. Common options include paying for a set rank boost (Say from Silver 1 to Master Guardian) or for a certain number of guaranteed wins. Prices start at $2 per win to over $200 for reaching the Global Elite.

Why use rank boosting?

Rank boosting is used by people for various reasons. For many players, simply getting a massive leg up on the competition is valuable. Others use rank boosting to subvert the difficulty in ranking up during the early levels. For a game that emphasizes teamwork, you can imagine having an uncommitted team could be incredibly frustrating and makes it hard to advance. Cheating in CS:GO can get someone permanently banned, so rank boosting allows players to advance without using aim-hacks or other software hacks.


csgo smurfing

There is reason for caution when considering rank boosting (rankboost) in CS:GO. An experienced player using a new or under-ranked account, aka “smurfing,” is looked upon negatively by the competitive community. Many of the major CS:GO rank boosting companies use G2A as a payment gateway, a payment method where you can actually pay with your skins. So in general, be careful when investigating rank boosting.

Overall, rank boosting seems like an interesting way for experienced players to make money using their skills to smurf on other people’s accounts. Most importantly don’t use csgo free boosting services (except when you know the guy personnally) For a player who simply needs to get back into the game, rank boosting retailers advertise quick turnaround time and guaranteed results.

Ask yourself: is rank boosting (or smurf) the right thing for me to do?

In the end, a new player who rank boosts up to Elite will not likely survive long, but for someone who is just ready to play with teammates who are committed, rank boosting may seem like an attractive option.

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